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Assess don't guess, the biomechanics of your game deeded.

Welcome to Stark Golf

Blake Stark, founder of Stark Golf, had a successful playing career before transitioning into a coaching role. He competed in both the US Junior and US Amateur, and played Division 1 collegiate golf on a #1 nationally ranked team. Blake has both college and professional wins to his name. After finishing up his playing career, Blake transitioned into coaching. Now, he focuses his time on providing best-in-cl  ass coaching to his clients, utilizing world-class technology available in the industry.

My philosophy

Blake’s coaching philosophy is simple. Players don’t need to try to be someone else. They need to be themselves! There are countless ways to play great golf. The Stark Golf team will take into account your body, your tendencies, your preferences, and your GOALS when applying changes and improvements. The overall goal is simple: Get our clients to play the best golf of their life.

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"Coach Blake was recommended to me by a parent of a very successful young player on my son’s USKids tour. He indicated that Coach Blake is great with kids. My son who’s 8 years old struggled with consistency, course management as well as the mental aspect of the game. Coach Blake started with IMO the two most important; putting and short game. Just a couple of months later, my son is pretty much a two putt max machine. His short game has improved tremendously, which is right a way a huge confidence builder for him. We plan to continue to work with Coach Blake to improve on all aspects of my son’s game. The way and will continue to be my swing coach. My son enjoys every lesson, therefore I highly, highly recommend Coach Blake. "
Max Jenis
Current Client
"Consulting with Blake regarding my students with his GASP Dual Force Plates opened up what was going on to create movement the eyes can’t see. We were able to walk away with a plan of action on how to improve ball striking, and increase swing speed. We all create speed differently and this allows us to see a players superpower if you will with how they create power. Blake has been a great asset to help me better understand Ground Reaction Forces to keep growing my coaching knowledge. "
Nix D.
"My son had taken lessons at a different place, and he had had a lot of fun learning golf and playing in tournaments. But he had plateaued in the low 50s and stopped progressing. That’s when we met Coach Blake. His approach is both serious, to get the results, and fun, to enjoy the game. What is different about his approach is that he involves both the young player and the parent. As a parent, it helps you to learn more about your young player, learn drills to use at home, and most importantly, become a better caddy for your kid. In addition to teaching the golf technique and strategy, he also emphasizes the mental side of the game and physical fitness, which most golf coaches consider an afterthought. He employs a team approach involving himself, you, a PT coach, etc. to create a well-rounded athlete out of your young golfer.

The results followed quickly. Within a few weeks, my son’s driving distance improved by 20+ yards. Within a few months, his scores improved to low to mid 40s. Most importantly, his mental attitude and approach to getting results have improved drastically. This does not just make him a better golfer but also gives him important tools to succeed in life. After all, junior competitive golf is not just about “learning to hit a small white ball”, it is also helpful in figuring out how to fight through adversity and becoming successful. Coach Blake is great at teaching your kid golf and being a better person. "
"When I initially signed up for an introductory golf lesson at Georgia Golf Performance with Coach Blake Stark, I was a little nervous about what to expect and if this would be the right fit for me.

After an exploratory call with Blake, I felt more confident that I had taken a major step for my golf game.

Blake was super easy to talk with and had simple questions about where my game currently was, how much golf I played, some things I thought I might want to work on in the future, etc.

Our first introductory lesson lasted a few hours and consisted of getting to know each other, and working on hitting a few balls to establish a baseline should I decide to do future lessons.

This was an absolute no pressure environment and I felt as if I was playing golf with some of my friends.

Blake was able to sit back and take notes of everything regarding my game and my swing (I could tell his wheels were turning). Some instructors may be quick to come in and make major adjustments, but Blake takes a more relaxed approach as to not overload the client.

In our first lesson, I was struggling off of the tee box and talked with Blake about some approaches I had.

We made a slight adjustment with a tempo and loading drill that immediately added another 25 yards of carry to my driver. I was amazed and would not have believed this if it weren’t for the Trackman data.

As a golfer who was looking to improve my game, I knew that if this one lesson was an example of what my game could look like, I needed to proceed with signing up for Blake’s coaching program.

I have been involved in golf my entire life off and on since the age of three. However, over the past 5 or 6 years I have started to play more often. I only wish that I had started Blake’s coaching program 5 years ago.

Since my coaching started three months ago, a lot of things have changed for me on the golf course.

I have adapted to a new mindset and on-course strategy, as well as learned many different shot approaches and methods of attacking the course.

Some statistical increases that I personally feel are worth the investment in Stark’s coaching program:

Driver swing speed from low 90’s to consistent 106 Longest drive at 313 yards (previously was approximately 260). My handicap decreased from a 19.9 to 13.7 within these 10-12 weeks. Scored personal best at an 80 (Previously had only broken 90 once). Wedge play within 100 yards of pin; I moved away from losing 8+ strokes a round in this area to being comfortable in the 40 to 60 yard range with multiple shot types and approaches.

I can without a doubt state that none of this would have been achievable without Blake’s mentorship and guidance. He is passionate about his profession and I know first-hand that his methodologies are effective. "
Former Client
"Ira has been training with Coach Blake for over 2 years, and I’m very pleased with Ira’s progression and performance at her varsity and GSGA golf tournaments. Ira has developed a good understanding of the swing mechanics (e.g, the role of weight shift, swing plane, etc.,), and she has come to realize the importance of balancing golf techniques with body conditioning, stamina, and mental strength – I attribute Ira’s development to Coach Blakes dedicated support and commitment to Ira’s success.

Coach Blake’s approach of blending academy sessions with on-course golf lessons has helped Ira immensely in translating the theoretical knowledge into practical application on the golf course. In addition, I’m appreciative of Coach Black’s desire to complement his training and approach with other experts in his network to provide alternate viewpoints and approaches to assist Ira to elevate her golf game. Looking forward to working with Coach Blake to support Ira navigate her varsity golf team and evaluate her options for pursuing golf at the collegiate level. "
-Ira’s dad
"I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and now working with Blake for many years. When he was playing he was always asking great questions and trying to understand the “why” of the golf swing. It makes perfect sense that he would shift his focus to coaching, using the same skills and interest in why things work and why they don’t. I’m delighted to collaborate with Blake on measuring players and finding better ways to help them improve their skills. I know Blake can help your game and your kids improve!"
Jon Tattersall
Georgia PGA Teacher of the Year 2012
Golf Magazine Top 100 since 2007
"We’ve been blessed to have Blake coach my son Hudson for the past 3yrs. We have had ups and downs along the way as with any coach. Blake is great at communicating about what’s occurring, presenting a roadmap/plan of action, and getting you to buy in to the plan.

Blake is heavily invested in his coaching clients and will do everything he can to set your junior up for success, he also stays up to date with the most cutting-edge tech so he can assess not guess. This allows him to build your junior their own swing and be who they are.

Playing wise we have gone from shooting high 50s to breaking par as the norm. Blake has not only helped Hudson improve his golf game but has been instrumental in his growth as a young man. I can’t think of a better person to coach my son. Some of our team highlights are finishing top 5 at the worlds 2 years running, winning the drive chip and putt at Augusta National!!! "
Jeff Knapp & Hudson Knapp
"Coach Blake has been and continues to be a great catalyst for my golf game/career. He has showed me how to become a professional, as I pursue my passion of professional golf. Learning how to play golf and not just golf swing, by helping me understand my shot patterns, teaching me how to prepare and practice for tournament golf.

I’m now a more polished professional and most importantly my scores continue to fall. Blake’s approach to coaching is one where he builds a game for you, not a one size fits all approach. To do so he uses the most cutting-edge technology, physical screening to build a swing that works for me. Having reliable accurate data to look back upon to see the changes is an added benefit. I’m excited about my blossoming professional career and coach Blake guiding me along the way. "
Kade Luebke

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