Coaching Roadmap

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1. Evaluate

An evaluation (Using the most cutting-edge technology that I deem needed for that client. I use GASP dual force plates which there are less than 100 in the country, movement screening, skill evaluation, 3D motion capture, and getting to know you the person, plus more)

2. Identify Goals

We determine what your goals are with golf

3. Plan

Create a plan of action to reach those goals

4. Coaching

From there I serve as your personal Tour style coach to guide along the way on your journey

5. Adjustments

I am constantly checking in on your goals to see if any adjustments are needed

6. Celebrate

Culminating in you achieving your goals you had with golf your entire golfing life, celebrate your success! 

7. Start Again

Create new goals and begin again!


3D Motion Capture

3D software and hardware are used to map out the body’s orientation in any part of the golf swing. 2D camera often gives an incomplete picture of what is actually happening. 3D motion capture is a great way to show the client what their body actually looks like during any point in the golf swing.


Launch Monitors are becoming more prevalent in both instruction and personal use among recreational golfers. At Stark Golf, we use the best. The Foresight Sports GCQUAD is our preferred device for capturing both club and ball data.

Gasp Dual Force Plates

Are rare and until recently only found in research grade biomechanics labs. Currently there are less than 200 in use in the United States. Blake has developed the reputation of being an expert in force plate data collection, analysis, and application here in the Southeastern US. This technology allows us to “see” forces/torques, and when they’re created, that are unable to be viewed with the naked eye. Instructors can only guess at this without a set of dual plates, but Blake and his team measure and assess rather than guess. This technology absolutely allows for the possibility to help players get more efficient, consistent and much faster.

High Speed Camera

Believe it or not, the cameras on our cellphones are not sufficient for capturing high-speed imagery. We use exceptionally high frame-rate cameras for looking at what the clubhead is doing as the athlete moves it around themselves in the golf swing. Slowing down and pausing video is exceptionally helpful during our analysis. As where the face points at first touch is roughly 85% of where your ball goes.


Client Accomplishments

• Winner of 2022 Drive Chip putt National Championship at Augusta National
• 30+ Junior victories
• Numerous amateur clients victories
• Adult clients have lowered their scores on avg 8 strokes
• Clients have set their personal best scores
• Clients finished 2nd and top 30 at US kids worlds teen and US Kids Worlds
• Consulted for Korn Ferry Tour Players, and other coaches
• Adult clients so far in 2022 have achieved multiple personal best scores
• Average handicap drop of 8 BoditraK
• Coached amateur clients to victories
• Coaches aspiring tour professionals beginning their career
• Adult clients have lowered their handicap by on avg 8 strokes and set their personal best score countless times

Coach Blake's Accomplishments

• Consulted for PGA Korn Ferry and Division 1 college players
• Qualified for U.S Junior Amateur
• Qualified for U.S Amateur
• Ranked 60 in country as junior golfer
• Played college golf at UNC Charlotte;
team was ranked top D1 school I nation;
Team finished in top 10 best 3rd at Nationals
• 1 collegiate victory
• 2 Professional victories


• Expert in Force Plate technology

• 3D motion expert

• Dr. Kwon certified Level 1

• Dr. Kwon Certified level 2

• TPI certified golf level 1

• TPI certified golf level 2

• Degree in psychology

• Presented nationally for Boditrack sports

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