Sasha Testimonial

“As a parent, it helps you to learn more about your young player, learn drills to use at home, and most importantly, become a better caddy for your kid. In addition to teaching the golf technique and strategy, he also emphasizes the mental side of the game and physical fitness, which most golf coaches consider an afterthought. He employs a team approach involving himself, you, a PT coach, etc. to create a well-rounded athlete out of your young golfer. “

Nix Testimonial

“Blake has been a great asset to help me better understand Ground Reaction Forces to keep growing my coaching knowledge.”

Max Testimonial

“We plan to continue to work with Coach Blake to improve on all aspects of my son’s game. The way and will continue to be my swing coach. My son enjoys every lesson, therefore I highly, highly recommend Coach Blake. “

Ira Testimonial

“Coach Blake’s approach of blending academy sessions with on-course golf lessons has helped Ira immensely in translating the theoretical knowledge into practical application on the golf course.”

Testimonial 1

“I can without a doubt state that none of this would have been achievable without Blake’s mentorship and guidance. He is passionate about his profession and I know first-hand that his methodologies are effective.”